• May 26, 2022

Android’s Getting Brighter and Bubblier, and We Can’t Wait

LG: You’d be so good at it. You’d be a great … You could do a podcast about music history podcasts.

MC: Now we’re talking. Now we’re talking. Lauren, please tell us what music history podcasts do you recommend?

LG: As much as I made fun of Gilad earlier, my recommendation this week is actually very Gilad-like. I’m recommending ice cream.

MC: That is very Gilad-esque.

LG: That’s it. Just ice cream. Please, I hope the vegans don’t get upset. There’s vegan ice cream out there too. Yeah. Or the lactose-intolerant out there. I’m very sorry, but I’m recommending ice cream.

MC: Always a strong recommendation, but why now?

LG: I happen to be on the East Coast right now, along with Julian. And it’s very, very warm. I forgot how humid it is here. I feel the moisture just wicking out of me all day long. But I miss it here. I swear, guys.

And also, I’m staying with my brother’s family, and my niece and nephew are here, and they’re kids. They’re teenagers, but they’re kids, and they love ice cream. And so we’ve been going out for ice cream in the evenings, and it’s just really nice. It’s just a nice little slice of summer. I get to spend time with my niece and nephew. We went to this great little farm last night here, and sat outside and had some ice cream. I had vanilla with Heath Bar crunch and hot fudge topping. My niece had a ice cream called Play-Doh. It was bright yellow, and it actually looked like Play-Doh. It was actually nauseating to look at. My nephew … I don’t remember what he had, but then he made fun of my mom, their grandmother, for getting pistachio. He was like, “It’s such an old lady flavor.” I was like, “Be nice.”

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, I don’t know, just really enjoying it. So I recommend ice cream with your family and summer evenings.

MC: Julian, what’s your favorite flavor, man?

JC: I could go for mint, pistachio, AmeriCone Dream is always a good one.

MC: Oh, the Ben & Jerry’s AmeriCone Dream?

JC: Yeah. Yeah. The Stephen Colbert one. I think that’s my current favorite, I’d say, but it changes often.

MC: Yeah.

LG: That’s really good. That’s a good one.

MC: One of my first jobs was working at Ben & Jerry’s when I lived in Vermont. I scooped ice cream for a couple summers. I love Cherry Garcia.

JC: Interesting.

MC: I realize it’s on-brand, but also it’s really good ice cream.

LG: Are you recommending an ice cream that links back to a band? I’m shocked.

MC: Stop picking on me.

LG: Maybe one of these days, we’ll be able to all get together in person and have ice cream.

MC: And we can hang out in the gel bath and eat it.

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