• June 28, 2022

Don’t Expect That New PS5 or Ebike to Arrive by the Holidays

MC: Nice. What’s it all about? Wheel of Time.

AS: It’s been a while. It’s another “the One” story. There’s like the world is ending, there’s one dude who’s been reborn and we got to find him, we’re going to get him. So I’ve just summed up all 14 books for you, like spoil it, I’m kidding. So that’s the general gist of it. I’m sure there’s some commenters who would like to clarify those points, but that’s basically all, there’s a lot of robes and stuff.

MC: When is the Amazon series coming out? Like how much time do I have? Because it takes me about eight years to read a book.

AS: So it’s going to be available on November 19, and there’s a lot of people really super excited about it.

MC: That is not nearly enough time. You should have told me this in January.

AS: I’m sorry, I wasn’t keeping you abreast of things.

MC: Okay. Wheel of Time books.

AS: Rosamund Pike is in the trailer! She looks amazing. It’s going to be great.

MC: The Wheel of Time books. Thank you for that. The reading list assignment. Lauren, what is your recommendation?

AS: All 14. I will settle for nothing less.

MC: Lauren, what is your recommendation?

LG: My recommendation is, I guess it’s not quite as fun as Adrienne’s but it’s still pretty good. It’s the Lincoln

MC: Yeah, what could be as fun as reading 14 books in a week?

LG: I’m recommending the Lincoln miniseries. I’m a little bit behind on it. It first aired this past winter, winter 2021 on CNN.Read More Here
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Now it is available on HBO Max. Everything is on HBO Max, man, I love HBO Max. Isn’t it funny to think, just a little side note here, a little tangent if you will, to think about how when HBO Max did its renaming a while ago, we were all just like, what are they doing? That’s a terrible, what happened to Go? And now it’s Max. And is there HBO Min? What is this? And then the app interface is really still pretty terrible. Like if you’re trying to watch HBO Max on the iPad, good luck with that.

But they have all the good stuff now, all the series, they have Succession and the movie Dune, and anyway. So now I’ve been watching this Lincoln miniseries, it’s a six-part series about President Abraham Lincoln. It’s very good; it’s narrated by Sterling K. Brown. It’s got some never-before-seen imagery and information. There’s a little bit of—what’s it called? Historical reenactment, where there’s actors you kind of vaguely see, like a tall, dark-haired man in the background who’s supposed to be Lincoln. But a lot of historians contribute as talking heads to it, and it’s quite interesting.

And it really, I think, how would I say this, in our modern society I think we tend to be a little bit obsessed with bucketing people into either the hero or the villain category, and actually most high-profile or extremely successful or powerful people are a little bit more nuanced and complex than that. And I think Lincoln certainly falls into that category, and it kind of revisits the idea that I think people believed he was a staunch abolitionist, and it was actually a little more complicated than that. So I’m only on episode three, but I really like it so far and I’m probably going to watch the whole thing. So I recommend watching the Lincoln miniseries on HBO Max.

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