• June 28, 2022

How to Play Every Game From Squid Game (and Not Die)

2. A places ddakji on the ground.

3. B attempts to flip it over by slamming their ddakji hard onto it.

4. Switch turns.

Whoever succeeds in flipping over the opponent’s ddakji first is the winner.

Pro-tip: Yohan Yun, 29, says that ddakji briefly came back in popularity when he was about 5 years old and claims to have been a “master ddakji player” in his neighborhood of Dong-ducheon. The trick is to analyze the ddakji and target that ddakji’s weak points, he says. “A flatter ddakji is more likely to flip over if you hit its corners, while a thicker ddakji moves with the motion of your ddakji so you have to hit it flat on its center,” he insists.

Game #1: Mugunghwa Kochi Pieotseumnida (The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed)

As seen on the series: The first official game played in Squid Game is led by a creepy, giant doll with motion-sensor eyes. The players are lined up against one end of the playground, and they can move only when the doll turns away from them and chants “mugunghwa kochi pieotseumnida.” Players that move when the doll is facing their direction and players that don’t make it across the finish line before the allotted time of 10 minutes are shot and killed.

Prep: One of the beauties of this game is that it involves zero prep, but hardcore Squid Game fans can purchase costumes from third-party retailers online.

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How to play: Netflix translated the title of the game to “Red Light, Green Light,” no doubt because the rules of the games are similar. Both allow for an unlimited number of players. Here’s how to play the Korean way:

1. Play rock, paper, scissor to see who will be “it.”

2. The player who’s “it” stands at one end of the room while the rest of the players line up on the other end.

3. That player then faces a wall or a tree, opposite the players, and chants the 10-syllable phrase. At this time, the players are allowed to move.

4. When the “it” player is done chanting, they turn around and pick out players they see moving.

5. Players that have been picked out must now be “chained” to the “it” player by holding hands or linking pinkies.

6. A. If a player successfully reaches the opposite wall (or tree), and there is a chain, the player can free the chain by manually breaking the hand hold. (Some versions of the game have all players freed, while others just free those manually torn apart.) Those free of the chain can run away.

6. B. If a player successfully reaches “it,” she or he can tag the “it” player and run away.

If you are tagged by it, you are the new it. The goal here, similar to tag, is not to be the new it.

There are more complex takes of this game, where a different move must be had if the “it” player calls out a different chant. See example here.

Pro-tip: Claudia Lee, 33, remembers being “quite good” at this game when she was a child. She says coordination and prudence are keys to winning. “The closer you get to it, the more careful you have to be, because all your movements will be more visible,” she says. If you’re it, and you want to trip up the other players, play with how quickly you say the syllables. TikToker @mykoreandic shows how.

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